Lounging clinic – 12 May 2024

Lounging the horse is not a way to make your horse tired before you get on and ride, it’s, instead, a very important moment of training horses. When lounging your horse, you do not only work on connection and communication refinement, but you can do even more. If you ride your horse, proper gymnastic and training is one of your main responsibilities. The horse must be not only mentally/emotionally able to work with you but also physically. Mental/emotional and physical balance are strongly connected, and one cannot exist without the other. A lot of work can be done on the ground before riding the horse, in terms of mental/emotional and physical balance.
This workshop will guide you to understand:

The main priority of your horse:

– Your horse asymmetry and his needs in terms of balance

– Which exercises are important to improve his balance and work through his asymmetry (these exercises can be then translated under saddle during your riding)

– Eventual resistance or behavioral issues shown by the horse during the exercises
– Lounging exercises will be explore and if needed also bit work exercises.

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