Open clinic Parelli with Franco Giani

The clinic is in total 3 days. There will be 6 hours of training per day, shared between morning and afternoon, alternating theory, simulations, practice with the horse under saddle and on the ground.

The program is organized in a way that both people who knows and do not know Parelli can join. Western or English saddle makes no difference.

The main goal of the clinic is to learn the correct communication with the horse, to prevent or solve eventual problems with the horse or to emphasize the quality of the horse, besides the activities that horse and rider do together.

The course is based on the principles of Natural Horsemanship and on studying the 4 themes of the Parelli programs:

–  Online: working on the ground with ropes of different length

–  Freestyle: riding without snaffle

–  Liberty: playing on the ground without line

–  Finesse: riding with the snaffle and the contact


–  450EUR 3 days clinic with your own horse

–  470EUR 3 days clinic with a FTH horse

–  30EUR a day stable/accommodation for the horse (all inclusive) (to be payed directly to the Fair to Horses)

–  10EUR a day lunch (to be payed directly to the Fair to Horses)

–  60EUR a day observer

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Franco has been a Parelli Instructor since 2000 (the first one in Italy and now the only 5 Star rated in Italy). He studied in the USA and Australia with Pat, Linda and other Master Parelli Instructors. He’s dedicated to helping people live their dreams, achieving confident and
responsive horses, whether they’re on the trail or in a competition arena. He lives in Rome but teaches Parelli clinics, from level 1 to 4, and colt starting
courses throughout Italy. Franco loves training young horses, offering them the best possible beginning,
but also horses with special needs (so-called “problem horses”) to get them a second chance.
He is also particularly interested in bridging the gap between natural horsemanship and performance riding: there is no contradiction! That is why he cooperates with many professional riders. Franco has performed in shows across Italy and Europe with his five horses
and mules.