Information Trainers Fair to Horses

Nicolò Ballatore (21/01/1962)

  • Federal Instructor of FISE (Italian Federation Equestrian Sport) Level III
  • National judge of Equitation
  • Licensed instructor Ecole de Légèreté (EDL)
  • Agonistic experience on horse jumping, eventing and dressage
  • Participation of many clinics in early time on natural horsemanship (Parelli)
  • Meeting Karl in open clinics in 1999
  • Enter in the EDL instructor program on 2009
  • Diploma level I in 2012
  • Diploma level II in 2014
  • Every year he attends the EDL instructor courses in Italy 2 times a year
  • In his experience, Nicolò specialized himself in problem solving on the ground and under saddle. He owned trainingcenter and riding school in Italy from 1986 till June 2022
  • Since he arrived in The Netherlands (in 2020) he performed some open clinics and started regular horse training at FTH. Nicolò’s main focus is the training of horses which have/had behavioral issues under saddle and/or need a constant support of training under saddle to improve physical condition. He also provides lessons to pension clients or leasers of FTH. He is the main responsible of the education of the instructor of FTH, teaching the principles of EDL.

Marta Rovituso (28/06/1986)

  • Marta started horse riding and training in 2017 as student of Nicoló in the EDL
  • Horses are her main passion in life (currently having another job), for this reason she started horse training and horse rehabilitation together with Nicolò in 2019
  • In 2019 she moved to The Netherlands with her horse where she met Romi
  • Together with Nicolò, she introduced the EDL at Fair to Horses by giving lessons and training some horses with special needs
  • She got her diploma of Centered Riding instructor in 2020
  • She is graduating in Medicine Horse way, coach Level I
  • Since 2019 she had 3 main rehabilitation projects (under saddle) and 1 mental rehabilitation project for the last 3 years. She gives lessons on EDL and CR to some clients of FTH and she substitutes Nicolò as instructor when needed. Together with Nicolò she is actively involved in the education of EDL of the FTH instructors. She uses holistic approach, giving horses natural herbs and body work, when necessary, also as treatment. She works closely with an energetic horse healer when needed.

Romi Grontenhuis (11/06/1991)

  • Started horse riding at very young age at her family’s farm
  • Started her own horses and horses for others under saddle from age of 12
  • Started multiple horses in competitions in jumping, dressage and cross country from age of 15 until  22 years old
  • Followed all available courses and finished introductory course exam with Annemarie van der Toorn – Monty Roberts Center Netherlands
  • Participation of many Natural Horsemanship clinics (Monty Roberts, Annemarie van der Toorn and Warwick Schiller)
  • Three years of Participation in lessons and clinics from Antoine the Bodt, Horse rehabilitation trainer and extra lessons from instructors of the Both training center
  • Followed many clinics and training horses in hand from academic instructors (students of Marijke de Jong and Anja Beran)
  • Centered Riding instructor diploma level 1 in 2014
  • Followed every year centered riding update and received multiple letters of recommendation for the next level 
  • Started training in 2018 as student of Nicolò in the EDL
  • Followed online courses about Dissection van Zefanja Vermeulen (Horse Inside out)
  • In her experience, Romi specialized herself in problem solving and training young horses on the ground and under saddle. She started her own riding school in 2014 and moved in 2018 to Bleiswijk were she developed her riding school and started a rehabilitation program for horses and riders. Together with Nicolò she started to train instructors to follow their Philosophy to help more horses, trainers and owners at daily basis.